Strategic Decision-Making in Canadian Oil and Gas

June 29, 2023 | 10:00 AM MST

Presented By:

Ramona Hill, Product Manager - Quorum Portfolio, Quorum Software
Graham Kirk, Vice President - Solution Architects, Quorum Software

Join senior industry experts Ramona Hill and Graham Kirk from Quorum Software as they delve into the power of Portfolio Optimization Software in the context of Canadian Oil and Gas. In this ever-evolving landscape of competing priorities and large volumes of data, the best path forward is seldom clear and making informed, forward-thinking decisions is paramount for companies to thrive. This webinar will showcase how a holistic framing of key decisions coupled with portfolio optimization software can revolutionize your strategic plan.

Key Learnings:

  • Combine well-forecast data from systems like Val Nav with the constraints, goals, and targets of your business in an interactive portfolio model, enabling you to analyze strategic questions about the future of your company
  • Reduce bias in your planning process by leveraging the objectivity of a linear optimizer
  • Easily incorporate acquisition and divestiture options into your plan, and understand their impact on the whole portfolio
  • Understand the costs and trade-offs of reducing carbon emissions, and find the optimal path to net zero

Prepare to discover new horizons in optimizing your company's portfolio and driving success in the Canadian Oil and Gas industry.

Presenter Bio:

Ramona Hill Bio: As the Product Manager for Quorum Portfolio, Ramona is focused on enabling companies to make better decisions with Portfolio Analysis and Optimization. Ramona is a senior industry expert with over 20 years in Oil & Gas. Prior to Quorum, she held roles in drilling operations, asset development and strategic planning, globally and in Canada. Ramona holds a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Calgary.

Graham Kirk Bio: Graham Kirk is the Vice President of Solution Architects at Quorum Software leading a team of individuals who are passionate about software, technology and the oil and gas industry.  Graham has been with Quorum Software for over 15 years where he has worked around the world with 100’s of oil and gas companies to help them imagine and realize solutions to improve their business, with a specific focus on Planning, Economics, Financials and Well Delivery.